• Anna Michelle Richards

    Spiritual Life Purpose Coach

    Spiritual Life Purpose Coach (IAHT Accred)
    Dip.HC (HPAI Accred)D.Hyp Reiki Master



Have you ever asked yourself why you’re here? What you’re meant to be doing with your life? what the point is to all you’ve been through?

There comes a point in our lives when we all start to question whether ‘this is all there is’ or whether we really can have the life we see others living and the life we only dream about.

I work with people from all walks of life who have decided that this one amazing life hasn’t yet become as amazing as they’d hoped.

Whether you’ve had a difficult childhood, an accumulation of losses and heartaches, it’s never too late to turn things around and create something new.
It can be as wildly different as you want it to be and even if this isn’t what you’re after, you can certainly be healthier, wealthier and infinitely more content within your relationships.
Life Purpose isn’t all about breaking with convention and ‘pushing back’. Life Purpose is whatever allows you to live your truth, your beliefs, your values.
Finding your Life Purpose is the answer to the question “Why Am I Here?” And having found my own Life Purpose I look forward to helping you to find yours.

About Anna

I have a healthy disregard for convention and believe building a life of fulfillment and adventure depends upon reframing your values and beliefs and living life accordingly. I am a mum of ten amazing home educated children. My life purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of emotional connection between parents and their children and to further understanding of the effects of childhood abuse and trauma.

Your Trauma is Trapped!

Watch this video Now for the number 1 reason Childhood Stress and Trauma remains as much a part of your present, as your past.

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Spiritual Psychotherapy

I work solely in helping people to recover permanently from Depression, Eating Disorders, Chronic Pain, Low Self Esteem, Dependency, Childhood Abuse and Trauma.

As a Psychotherapist I want you to get the most from our time together and first we need to get your mind and body working in harmony –  because no amount of therapy will address and solve your nutritional and sleep deficiencies.

We will focus on 4 areas:
1- Diet & Nutrition
2- Movement/Exercise
3- Sleep
4- Psychotherapy

What you put into your body by way of nutrition directly powers or dis-empowers your brain to build the healthy connections and repair the damage trauma leaves. So we’ll work together to rebuild your mind and body to give you optimum opportunity to recover fully.

Childhood Trauma & Abuse

Have you done everything you can think of to move on from the traumas of your childhood?
Do you still have debilitating days, Insomnia, Depression and trouble connecting, plus a whole range of extra health challenges?
If so, my heart goes out to you.

This is how I spent my teens right up to my early forties. I went through Counselling – some helped and some certainly didn’t – many jobs and even more relationships in an attempt to ‘fit in’ and ‘feel normal’. 
I can relate only too well to the sense of ‘there must be something really wrong with me’ you’re left with, when you see you’re no happier, just as disconnected and fearful as you’ve always been.

At the age of 45 I’d had enough. My life was going by too fast and to still be carrying this amount of shame and self doubt was taking more than I was able to give.

In just a matter of months I turned my life, health and relationships around and in the process discovered my life purpose.


– By ditching conventional beliefs that it ‘takes a lifetime to recover and even then you won’t really be over it’ –
– By ditching the belief that ‘there are no shortcuts to recovering from sexual abuse’
– By looking in the RIGHT place and asking the Right questions I found the RIGHT Information.

Realistically we already know we can’t change the fact that any of it happened.

What we can do though is completely alter the way our brain and body reacts to those memories. And when you can do that you have control and power over those childhood traumas.

I no longer have those debilitating days.
The depression that stole months and years from my life (and my kids lives) is gone.

Through gradual changes to my diet and lifestyle including removing myself from the lives of diminishing people and investing in my emotional health, I developed the skills to:

– Recognise when old memories are creeping up and when old wounds are being triggered
– Manage my thoughts, my feelings and how I react.
– Reverse years worth of damage to my health from negative thought patterns

Having turned my own life around I’d like to help you do the same.

During these sessions:

– You’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your attempts to move forwards
– You’ll get a crystal clear vision of your ideal life, health and relationships

You’ll learn:

Energy Medicine Techniques which will help realign your mind and body, reduce your need for medication and drastically improve your resilience – your ability to manage challenging people and situations without becoming emotionally drained and physically unwell.

You’ll leave these sessions with the skills to rebuild your self esteem, faith and trust in yourself and all with a with a renewed sense of safety. And you’ll find you are re energised and inspired to turn your life around and turn adversity into something truly amazing.

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Appointments by Telephone Skype & 1:2:1

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“…Astute, perceptive never patronising or judgemental. Thank you Anna for helping me grow and for being part of my journey."
Gaby PWriter, Mum - Koln, Germany
"I felt safe to talk about even the most taboo subjects. Anna listened without judgement and used her intuition to clarify exactly what each emotion was triggered by. She offered a new way to focus, helping to make my feelings more manageable."
Erin RPhotographer, Mum - London, UK
"Anna gives her heart and soul to support your transformation and healing space. She brings her intuition, life experience and huge empathy to support every aspect of your growth. If you are looking to find ways to transform your world, then you should call this lady. I highly recommend her."
Lisa MagdalenaCounsellor/Teacher/Mentor - England UK