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Do you want a better relationship with your partner? With your children?

Do you struggle to make and maintain improvements to your diet and your health?

Is Anxiety and Depression taking over your life?

Are you finding it difficult to move on from past relationships and to create new lasting ones?

Are you finding parenting a joyless struggle – not through a lack of love but through a lack of knowing how to handle behaviour and situations?

Emotional wounds lie at the heart of all instances where we feel stuck, uncertain, unable to trust in ourselves or others and to move on from past hurt.

Would you love to find the way to heal permanently?

Anna Michelle Richards

Life Coach, Holistic Counsellor, Mind Body Therapist , Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.HC HPAI (Accred) C.Hyp Reiki Master

 Helping You Trace The Source Of Your Emotional Wound – See How It Drives Your Daily Behaviour – In Your Happiness, The Happiness Of Those Around You

And How To Get Relief From This Wound Immediately

Your Trauma is Trapped!

Watch this video Now for the number 1 reason Childhood Stress and Trauma remains as much a part of your present, as your past.

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Life Coaching



You may be feeling stuck, unable to decide which direction to take in your life.


You may be struggling with the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship or you may have been diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression or one of a number of illnesses – such as an under/overactive Thyroid, IBS, Crohn’s, Coeliacs, Diabetes, Pernicious Anaemia – to name a handful.


These illnesses, including MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s are Autoimmune diseases. This means the body has lost its natural ability to handle and heal disease.


Your Nervous System – brain and body systems – have gone into a state of overwork and confusion generally through an overload of stress and unresolved trauma which has triggered your fight/flight/freeze stress response.


Your body and brain first experienced the fight/flight/freeze response during your first eight years of life, when due to an event or series of events, you subconsciously formed the belief “I am unsafe”.


Whatever caused you to form this belief, your brain and body systems have not, since childhood and those events, recovered from that sense of not being safe.


What happens now when you experience fear, loss or uncertainty around a certain situation – all natural parts of human life – is that your brain and body react the same way as they did when you were a child. The problem now is less about what’s going on and more about your conditioned way of responding.


This is what we will work on together –  to help you see how it drives your daily behaviour – in your happiness, the happiness of those around you and how to get relief from this wound immediately.














Reiki and Chinese Refloxology

I have been a Reiki Practitioner for over 19 years and recently attained My Master accreditation which allows me to attune others. I have found Reiki invaluable as a mum of ten children and have used it to help all of them through illnesses and injuries. As a result they have had little need for conventional medicine and are aware of their bodies natural ability to heal.


Chinese Reflexology is a particular favourite, it works incredibly well for all health issues and is great for Menopause symptoms as well. It is slightly different to Western Reflexology in that more pressure is applied to the points in the foot which allows faster healing.

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“…Astute, perceptive never patronising or judgemental. Thank you Anna for helping me grow and for being part of my journey."
Gaby PWriter, Mum - Koln, Germany
"I felt safe to talk about even the most taboo subjects. Anna listened without judgement and used her intuition to clarify exactly what each emotion was triggered by. She offered a new way to focus, helping to make my feelings more manageable."
Erin RPhotographer, Mum - London, UK
"Anna gives her heart and soul to support your transformation and healing space. She brings her intuition, life experience and huge empathy to support every aspect of your growth. If you are looking to find ways to transform your world, then you should call this lady. I highly recommend her."
Lisa MagdalenaHolistic Counsellor - East Sussex UK

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