You Don’t Have to be Needed To Feel Wanted, Worthy and Valued

When you’ve grown up without the full emotional attention of your caregivers particularly during your first eight years of life. When you’ve experienced abuse of any kind, leaving you feeling unsafe, fearful and reject able – a healthy sense of … Read More

You Are Unrejectable

Ever wished you could forge your own path, acknowledge your own power with unbreakable self esteem? – in your relationships, work, parenting and physical health – and change the world for your children? Did You Know… At an early age … Read More

Question 1- Feeling ‘Depressed’? Question 2- whats weighing you down? The answer to THAT is the cause of your ‘depression’. You have a choice – stay depressed or kick it. Call me. This call is FREE Your medication is keeping … Read More

Lift Depression in 60 Seconds

Your mind thinks between 2100 – 3000 thoughts per hour according to experts. Can you remember every one of those thoughts? A fleeting thought earlier today could have triggered the ‘depression’ you feel hours later Often, we feel depressed but … Read More

Stop Labelling Kids!

Without intending to hurt we label our children and allow others to do the same. ADHD, Dyslexic, ‘Disruptive’, Lazy’, ‘Clumsy’, ‘Stubborn’ ‘Stupid’, ‘Forgetful’ – doing so causes long term physical and emotional damage. What we tell our children, they believe. … Read More

What Low Level Chronic Stress Looks Like

It’s not always the big things that cause the symptoms of ‘stress’. More often, it is the little things which, over time, accumulate. The resentments, the losses not grieved for, the things we push down, saying “it doesn’t matter, it … Read More

New Year. New Story.

We all have a story. A core story we repeat throughout our lives. These stories explain why our lives are the way they are. Research proves that each time we retell our story, we modify it. Our core stories are … Read More

When There Are No Words

How do you begin to share the true horror of your childhood when there are no words? The fear, perceived compliance, helplessness and anger. When there is no way to articulate these feelings how do you begin to reverse the disassociation? … Read More

Psssst… There’s a Reason You’re Struggling to Recover from Childhood Trauma

…and chances are it’s not what you’ve been led to believe. If every time you walked into the gym with the intention of strengthening your upper body, you headed straight for the running machine, you’d reap some reward but would you … Read More

Behind the Mask

To what lengths did you go to survive? A child who has experienced emotional stress, physical or sexual abuse, either first hand or witnessed, becomes a master of deception, repressing their emotions to please their parents, to remain safe, to remain … Read More