#BeYourOwnCoach – Change Your Perception Of Therapy

    Tried all kinds of therapy? Still not ‘moving on’, feeling any different or getting better? It may be your Perception of Therapy that’s stopping you moving forwards. 1- Manage Your Expectations Why are you going? What’s brought you … Read More

#BeYourOwnCoach – Chronic Pain?

    So you’ve been living with chronic pain for years, medicating that pain and dealing with the side effects of the pain medication – constipation, dizziness and anxiety to name a few. Although it may appear easier to pop … Read More

It’s a sad day when your eldest child flies the nest. For us, that day is today.

  Between the feeling of heartbreak and acceptance lies a sea of emotion which plummets to depths of guilt, fear, sadness and surfaces again in a sense of success. I spent yesterday crying for the little boy, my first born … Read More

#BeYourOwnCoach – Have You Been Conditioned To Believe You Have A Mental Illness?

Have you been ‘diagnosed’ with one of the following: Depression, Bipolar, Eating ‘Disorders’, OCD, PTSD, Body Dysmorphia, ADD or other Personality ‘Disorder’? The words we use matter: The language we use – every thought – every feeling – is heard … Read More

#BeYourOwnCoach – Dissatisfaction And How To Change It

This wound is created in childhood with the belief “I will only be loved if…” What that ‘if’ is doesn’t really matter – to a child that could mean when I’m good, when I can do something they want me … Read More

#BeYourOwnCoach – Conflict In Your Relationship?

  When you’ve reached the point where you both feel so defeated there seems to be no energy left to repair the damage, you have a choice. Try to answer as fearlessly as you can. Do you want to stay … Read More

#BeYourOwnCoach – Do You Find It Easy To Ask For Help?

  Asking takes trust that when you ask it won’t be met with judgement, ridicule or punishment of one kind or another. If we hadn’t at some time needed help during our early years, ages 2-8 If we hadn’t been … Read More

#BeYourOwnCoach – The True Cause Of Your Depression

Depression is not and never was caused by a ‘chemical imbalance’. Depression is emotional. Nothing weighs a child down like the weight of responsibility their parents are incapable of carrying. Depression in an adult is the accumulation of years of … Read More

#BeYourOwnCoach – Think You’re A Bad Parent?

There is no such thing as a bad parent. There is no such thing as a bad child. Get rid of the labels in order to begin to unravel and understand your child’s behaviour. For example – persistent lying, acting … Read More

#BeYourOwnCoach …Forget Forgiveness…

‘Forgiveness’ or the art of “thoroughly giving without reservation” is a problem that stumps a lot of people, keeping them stuck with the belief that they can never be more than they are, until they do this thing called forgiveness. … Read More