How Learning About My Nervous System Helped Me Deal With My Own Emotional Shutdown

The relationship I had with Depression began in childhood. At the heart of it lay the loss of emotional attachment with my caregivers. To survive I developed ways to feel in control – Anorexia, substance abuse, getting into risky situations and … Read More

Childhood Trauma – Known Vs Hidden

  When you’ve had a deliberately abusive parent you’re aware of your trauma but parents often unknowingly cause trauma in their child. A parent who is unwell, depressed, overly strict and critical or overly anxious and protective, struggling with addictions, … Read More

Four Ways Childhood Shame and Trauma May Be Affecting You Now

1- You Wear A Mask – As a child you didn’t feel loved or nurtured and were neglected. You made the decision that ‘as I am, I am not enough’ and tried to become the child you thought they wanted, hiding … Read More

Your Problems Are Not About The People In Your Past…

The problems you have are about you – how you feel about yourself right now.  Every thought you have has a physical effect on your body. So, how’s your health? If you’re dealing with any of the following symptoms it’s … Read More

Stop Calling Yourself Names…Your Cells Are Listening!

Every minute of every day you are telling your cells how to feel. How do you suppose this affects the health of your body systems and as a result, how you feel throughout your day? Every moment of every day … Read More

The True Cost of Perfectionism

  The true cost of perfectionism or the fear of not being perfect, is your health. When I was a child I thought “you’re such a perfectionist”  was a compliment. Looking back I can see the effects this belief had … Read More

There is No Greater Good In All The World Than Motherhood

“There is no greater good in all the world than motherhood. The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.” ― James E. Faust Tree of Life by Keith Mallett Emotional attachment between mother and … Read More

You Don’t Have to be Needed To Feel Wanted, Worthy and Valued

When you’ve grown up without the full emotional attention of your caregivers particularly during your first eight years of life. When you’ve experienced abuse of any kind, leaving you feeling unsafe, fearful and reject able – a healthy sense of … Read More

You Are Unrejectable

Ever wished you could forge your own path, acknowledge your own power with unbreakable self esteem? – in your relationships, work, parenting and physical health – and change the world for your children? Did You Know… At an early age … Read More

Feeling Depressed?

Question 1- Feeling ‘Depressed’? Question 2- whats weighing you down? The answer to THAT is the cause of your ‘depression’. You have a choice – stay depressed or kick it. Call me. This call is FREE Your medication is keeping … Read More