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Clearing the Nervous System

There’s a way to raise a truly extraordinary child – that doesn’t lead to Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes, unhealthy relationships with food and Autoimmune illness in later life.

That way is through the Nervous System – the control centre of the entire body (where memories, worries and fears get stored) Small daily worries, uncertainty through family problems, abuse, parental illness and stress all accumulate in a child’s Nervous System over time – interrupting brain development and the natural functioning of the body systems leading to physical symptoms

The good news is that your child’s Nervous System can be cleared quickly and easily and I can teach you how to do it yourself.

Anna Michelle Richards

Certified Holistic & Psychic Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner & Teacher Dip.HC HPAI (Accred) C.Hyp Reiki Master

Nervous System Health

-Education & Coaching-

Resetting the Nervous System regularly, avoids the harmful build up of resentment, anger and frustrations which get in the way of health and relationships. It is also invaluable in helping children let go of our anxieties and stress – allowing you and your child to reconnect and fix the break in attachment –  improving behaviour and restoring balance between you.

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Your Trauma is Trapped!

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All children have basic emotional needs which when met allow them to feel safe, to trust their parents, have hope for their future and know they have a place and a purpose.

A healthy resilient adult is created in childhood

We all do our best but often our own childhoods haven’t provided us with the training to manage our ‘stresses’ and respond positively to our child’s behaviour.

Because children are so dependent on us, what we go through, they do too. So many things during their day –  with us, with carers, with teachers can trigger their fight/flight/freeze stress response – harsh words and reactions unintentionally cause them to worry and doubt themselves.

Children cannot bring themselves out of this response themselves. This ‘stress’ accumulates in the Nervous System storing up Emotional and Physical health problems for the future.

When your child’s nervous system is cleared regularly here’s what happens:

They have a stronger immune system – picking up illness far less and fighting it faster

Brain function and developmental skills improve so they can get back to learning and building friendships

Less likely to turn to harmful substances in their teens- unhealthy food, cannabis, alcohol and unhealthy behaviours – all symptoms of the void left by a loss of emotional attachment to a principle caregiver.

They keep hold of their natural high self esteem and confidence

For you, you get to let go of the worry and guilt giving you the emotional energy to do things differently.

Our children don’t need to accumulate the problems of our pasts, our fears or worries. As you clear the Nervous Systems of both you and your child regularly you actively prevent those health and relationship issues so often a part of adulthood.

Mastering these skills and helping you do the same is my life’s work and I look forward to working with you soon.

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“…Astute, perceptive never patronising or judgemental. Thank you Anna for helping me grow and for being part of my journey."
Gaby PWriter, Mum - Koln, Germany
"I felt safe to talk about even the most taboo subjects. Anna listened without judgement and used her intuition to clarify exactly what each emotion was triggered by. She offered a new way to focus, helping to make my feelings more manageable."
Erin RPhotographer, Mum - London, UK
"Anna gives her heart and soul to support your transformation and healing space. She brings her intuition, life experience and huge empathy to support every aspect of your growth. If you are looking to find ways to transform your world, then you should call this lady. I highly recommend her."
Lisa MagdalenaHolistic Counsellor - East Sussex UK

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