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Why Childhood Trauma Can Affect The Way You Parent

When you can learn to feel safe and comfortable in your own skin you’re able to open up to the possibility of understanding, accepting and forgiving yourself.
When you do, all areas of your life will change.

Parenting is learned behaviour. That learning began years before the birth of your first child – it began when you were born.
From how to trust, have hope, accept, respect and love who you are to having empathy, acceptance and love for others. If you don’t experience it, you don’t learn how to do it.

Anna Michelle Richards

Intuitive Health Coach. Holistic Counsellor & Healer Dip.HC HPAI (Accred) C.Hyp Reiki Master

 I help mums who have lived traumatic and abusive childhoods to change their lives.

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Your Trauma is Trapped!

Watch this video Now for the number 1 reason Childhood Stress and Trauma remains as much a part of your present, as your past.

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What Clearing Your Nervous System Can Do For You


Did you struggle at school to remember facts, to concentrate, learn and follow instructions?

Were you labelled ‘disruptive’? ‘hyperactive’? ‘forgetful’?

Were you ‘diagnosed’ with ADD or ‘behavioural and learning’ disorders?

Have you experienced Anxiety, Depression and persistent illness including weight, Gynaecological and Fertility issues?

In the last 5-10 years have you had more instances of illness, medical procedures and diagnoses which you have put down to ‘getting older’?


Unhappy childhood experiences can create stress in the Nervous System of a child. As children are unable to maintain the balance of their emotions without being compassionately taught how, they are unable to release this stress and it remains in the Nervous System.


Over time the effects of this stress and the chemicals produced by the body to help the child cope, accumulate.


Issues with behaviour, learning and social skills are directly impacted and as time goes on the child is more prone to Autoimmune disease such as Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Frequent cold and Flu-like symptoms and inability to heal from injury, to Diabetes Heart Disease, Arthritis, Cancer and Alzheimer’s in adulthood- with many more illnesses in between.


Clearing your own Nervous System regularly allows you to be in the best possible emotional and physical health to respond to your child’s needs to feel valued, important, secure, safe, listened to and understood. At the same time as easing your own physical symptoms giving you improved health and more energy to enjoy life with those around you.






Change lies in the work you are willing to do on yourself.

I work solely with those mums ready to sleep better, get off medication, move through Depression, improve diet and fitness levels & build strong, loving relationships with their partners and children.

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“…Astute, perceptive never patronising or judgemental. Thank you Anna for helping me grow and for being part of my journey."
Gaby PWriter, Mum - Koln, Germany
"I felt safe to talk about even the most taboo subjects. Anna listened without judgement and used her intuition to clarify exactly what each emotion was triggered by. She offered a new way to focus, helping to make my feelings more manageable."
Erin RPhotographer, Mum - London, UK
"Anna gives her heart and soul to support your transformation and healing space. She brings her intuition, life experience and huge empathy to support every aspect of your growth. If you are looking to find ways to transform your world, then you should call this lady. I highly recommend her."
Lisa MagdalenaHolistic Counsellor - East Sussex UK

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