•  Progressive Parenting

    The Power to Prevent Dysfunction

    in Family & Society

Why Progressive Parenting is For Everyone...

You have a ‘Parenting Story’ – as the adult you are now and as the child you were.
The relationship of parent and child has the greatest impact in your life.
1- It creates your beliefs – how you see yourself – how you see the rest of the world
2- It lays the foundations for all your future relationships
3- It shapes and alters the developing brain of a child
Parenting progressively has the power to create compassionate, peaceful, connected adults

If you’ re looking for the way to create positive change in the world – parenting progressively holds the key to that change

Anna Michelle Richards

Holistic Counsellor. Progressive Parenting & Nervous System Health Coach Dip.HC HPAI (Accred) C.Hyp Reiki Master

Progressive Parenting Coaching

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“Anna has a deep empathy for people. She draws on a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that she continually strives to expand and also has a great sense of humour which makes talking to her both enriching and heart- warming.”

Your Trauma is Trapped!

Watch this video Now for the number 1 reason Childhood Stress and Trauma remains as much a part of your present, as your past.

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Ever wished you could forge your own path and stand in your own power – in your relationships, in your health

– and change the world for your children?

Want to live courageously through your beliefs with confidence and high self esteem?

Fed up of following the crowd, doing what’s expected, constantly seeking approval and permission to live life your own way?

This is the area I excel in.

From conquering childhood trauma –  to the home births of my children –  to their alternative education and building a business from within the chaos of a family of twelve.

The driving force is my certainty that when children are raised to know their value and importance, with trust, hope and consistent attachment, we actively prevent dysfunction in families, in health and in Society. Creating positive change for our children and generations to come.

If you would like to learn more about Progressive Parenting Coaching, let me know.

Mastering these skills and helping you to do the same is my life’s work.


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“…Astute, perceptive never patronising or judgemental. Thank you Anna for helping me grow and for being part of my journey."
Gaby PKoln, Germany
"I felt safe to talk about even the most taboo subjects. Anna listened without judgement and used her intuition to clarify exactly what each emotion was triggered by. She offered a new way to focus, helping to make my feelings more manageable."
Erin RLondon, UK
"Anna gives her heart and soul to support your transformation and healing space. She brings her intuition, life experience and huge empathy to support every aspect of your growth. If you are looking to find ways to transform your world, then you should call this lady. I highly recommend her."
Lisa MEast Sussex, UK

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